Vivian's Chinese lesson


All courses  are in bilingual instruction.

Basic Survival Mandarin Courses (for life use)

For students who has no or little knowledge of Chinese language before. The course mainly focuses on the practical use of Chinese words and sentences, including pronounciation, 800 Chinese characters and some basic grammar. And the end of the course, You will be able to conduct simple conversations with native Chinese people in topical areas such as greetings, hobbies, family members, shopping and self-introduction.

Examination-oriented Mandarin Courses (HSK, 中検, etc.)

Several levels are included in the tutoring of this course, such as elementary  Intermediate and Advanced . Specially designed classes are offered for the students to obtain the expected results within short time.

Business Mandarin Courses

Professional business Mandarin lessons are available, including business customs and practices, manners, scheduling, meetings, messages, summary reports, work plans, etc. Apart from building the business vocabulary and formal use of Chinese, Vivian also helps you understanding Chinese ways of thinking and business behaviors so that you can build up a complete knowledge of both language and cultural awareness.

Personalized Courses

If you have your own special requirements of the Chinese learning, please contact Vivian and we can work out the most suitable classes tailored to your needs.

Other services
I have years of professional experience of translation and interpretation (Mandarin to English and vice versa). For further inquiries, please contact me for details.


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